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Support & Outreach Services

CFI’s Domestic Violence Services include individual counseling, support groups, medical advocacy, court advocacy and resource referrals for survivors and their children living in Polk and Warren counties. CFI provides services that focus on domestic violence and healthy relationships.

What is a domestic violence victim advocate?

An advocate provides important services to every survivor respectfully and confidentially. Advocates work with survivors to provide crisis intervention, safety planning, education about domestic violence, and referrals to community resources.

Are advocates certified?

In Iowa, advocates are certified through the Iowa Victim Advocate Certification Program. The certification is available only for advocates working for member programs of the Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ICADV), as direct experience working with survivors of domestic violence is required. As a member of ICADV, Children & Families of Iowa adheres to the certification process established by the coalition.

How Can An Advocate Help Me

CFI domestic violence victim advocates can help you in your journey toward a violence-free life by:

Making Connections

Providing essential resources, including connections and contact information, to get you the help you need.

Someone to Listen

Listening without judgment, allowing you to make important decisions on your own time, at the pace that is best for your situation.

Legal Resources

Someone to assist the court system and court hearings with and for you.

Finding Housing & Employment

Advocates will assist those in need of finding housing and employment.

Receiving support from an advocate is a great way to get help.


I was frustrated because I felt my concerns and needs were being ignored. After I began working with an advocate my calls were returned and I was kept up to date with information.

Outreach Services
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