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CFI supports Iowans through therapy and substance use programs.

Helping Children and Adults Make Healthy, Positive Life Changes

Children & Families of Iowa’s behavioral health professionals help individuals and families establish goals, structure, and a healthier living environment. With CFI, you can gain the life skills you need to overcome acute trauma and cope with life’s challenges and conflicts.

Behavioral Health Team

When You’re Navigating Life, We’re Here to Help

Our compassionate and experienced team empowers personal growth and development to promote change, recovery, resiliency, and wellness.

Abby Ransom, tLMHC, ATR-P
Art Therapist
Ben Black, tLMHC
Licensed Clinician
Licensed Clinician

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Mental Health Therapy

Connect with a licensed therapist to start your journey to healing.

Substance Use

Connect with a counselor to begin your road to recovery.

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Everyone at CFI makes me feel like I’m at home, especially my therapist and the staff at the front reception area. I can talk to them. They listen. I feel safe at CFI.

Mental Health Therapy
*Name has been changed to protect client confidentiality.
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One Gift Could Be The Difference

When people see those in need in their community, or find friends that are struggling, it can be difficult to know how to help. Children & Families of Iowa makes it easy to contribute to programs and initiatives so that any generosity can start restoring hope, building futures and changing lives right now.


Provides safe childcare, opportunities for children to succeed, and resources for families to create happy and healthy homes.


Gives someone battling addiction a chance to start over and take the first steps toward a healthier future.


Covers five group support sessions in a safe and supportive environment.


Funds eight counseling sessions to provide much-needed support and guidance.

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Give the Gift of Healing

Your generosity directly supports Iowans of all ages as they work through anxiety, depression, addiction, and other mental health challenges.