Programs offered by Children & Families of Iowa

Restoring Hope, Building Futures, and Changing Lives

People come to CFI when they need hope. They trust CFI to help them pick up the pieces, to listen, to offer ideas, and to work together with them to build solutions. CFI is there to give them hope for a better tomorrow.

Our Programs

Domestic Violence

Helping victims of domestic violence rebuild their lives.

Behavioral Health

Trauma-informed therapy and substance use solutions.

Career Planning & Work Readiness

Career development and support for at-risk youth and adults.

Childcare & Tutoring

Affordable childcare with fun, age-appropriate programming.

Payee Services

Assisting individuals with Social Security benefit management.

Human Services

Support, classes, adoption services, and SafeCare.

Juvenile Justice Supported Services

Services and support for teens referred by Polk County Juvenile Court.

Program Events

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