Give to CFI


One Gift Could Be The Difference

When people see those in need in their community, or find friends that are struggling, it can be difficult to know how to help. Children & Families of Iowa makes it easy to contribute to programs and initiatives so that any generosity can start restoring hope, building futures and changing lives right now.


Helps maintain equipment and provide necessary resources for clients, staff, and volunteers


Provides safe shelter, counseling, safety planning, food, clothing, and transportation.


Funds eight counseling sessions to provide much-needed support and guidance.


Provides one month of counseling to work through emotions and develop a sense of self-worth.


Transitions youth out of foster care and into adulthood through resources and guidance.


Covers five group support sessions in a safe and supportive environment.


Gives someone battling addiction a chance to start over and take the first steps toward a healthier future.


Provides safe childcare, opportunities for children to succeed, and resources for families to create happy and healthy homes.


Give a family in need essentials to provide a safe home for their children and referrals to community resources.

Every contribution is important, every donation is vital, every gift helps.