Endow Iowa

The Foundation for Children & Families of Iowa is excited to share an opportunity that allows donors to take up to an extra 20 percent tax credit for certain charitable gifts.

The Endow Iowa program is part of an effort to enhance philanthropic activity in the State of Iowa by encouraging investments to new or existing community foundations. The program provides significant tax incentives for individual, business or organizational donors of community foundations.

For more information, please go to the Endow Iowa website, contact Amy Stapp-Arpy, CDO/VP Development and Communications at Children & Families of Iowa, at [email protected], 515-697-7921 or consult a tax advisor.

This program has been an especially valuable asset to Children & Families of Iowa and is a great way to have a gift do even more good. But take advantage of this opportunity quickly! The Iowa Department of Economic Development will issue periodic tax credit letters to taxpayers. Eligible gifts may qualify for credits on a first come, first served.


Please Note: All qualified donors have five years to use their Endow Iowa Tax Credits.

This is a great way to support Children & Families of Iowa and the children the organization serves today and in the future. Please feel free to give CFI a call to ask any questions about this philanthropic opportunity.