Individual Donors

These gifts reflect commitments made between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017.

Circle of Stability ($50,000 and above)

Marian Easter*
Mary Mantz*

Circle of Safety ($25,000 – $49,999)

Norman Brooks*
Nancy Krause

Circle of Trust ($10,000 – $24,999)

Erik and Angie Askelsen
Stephanie and Greg Burrows
Eric Faust       
Diane and Kevin Howe
Sharon and Kyle Krause
Gary and Mindy Scholten
Kathleen and Larry Zimpleman

Circle of Respect ($5,000 – $9,999)

Anonymous (2)
David and Marsha Arens
Mike and Karen Beer
Matthew and Bridget Fryar
Dr. Gloria J. Gray
Mark and Cheryl Hasting
Mike and Diane Heid
Sheri Avis Horner
Scott Johnson & Julia Lawler-Johnson
Charles and Jaina Johnson
Dan and Amy Koestner
Brian and Mary Lohse
Michael and Rhonda McCoy
Shelly and Shawn Meighan
Rae Elaine Tobis
Carmen and Robert Yancey
Amy Yeager

Circle of Hope ($2,500 – $4,999)

Anonymous (2)
Tim and Susan Askland
Jan and Greg Beckstrom
Christine Berglund
Donald and Margo Blumenthal
Mary Kay and Doug Bruce
Ben and Kate Bruns
Heath and Jodi Bullock
Espnola Cartmill
Barbara Crowley
Gloria and Arthur Filean
Ray and Stacie Hansen
Tessie Johnson & John Owens
Stacey and R. Scott Johnson
Chris and Meredith Jones
Terry and Joyce Lillis
Brian and Andrea Mamola
Brad and Connie Oelmann
Suku and Mary Radia
Marie and Dennis Roberts
Dave Roszak
Robert and Amy Seiler
Amy Stapp-Arpy and Brian Arpy
Joan and Tom Tobis

Circle of Support ($1,000 – $2,499)

John and Karin Ahrold
Kent and Laura Altena
Shawn Anderson
Anonymous (2)
Britt and Mollie Baker
Kathy Baker-McCloud
Karen and Richard Boriskey
Margaret Brennan
Brad and Kristin Broberg
Katherine Burrows
Dr. Ken L. Cheyne
Suzanne Cohrs
Andrea and Berneil Colorado
Jim and Patty Cownie
Brian and Andrea Donaghy
Dawn Dority
Douglas Dorner & Carole Villeneuve
Samuel and Stephanie Early
John and Kristen Finn
Joan Fletcher & Jeff Krausman
Jason and Anne Franzen
Mollie Frideres
Edwin Gibson and Joan Maust
Pamela Glider
Elizabeth Goodwin
Karen Guard
Howard and Lynn Hagen
Brian Hall
Jim and Janet Hanks
Vicki and Lawrence Hedlin
Jamie and Laura Henderson
Katie and Linda Henry
Thomas and Sandra Hirschauer
Trudy Holman Hurd
Mark Imerman
Cheryl and Monty Johnson
Sara and Chris Jorgensen
Sam* and Lori Kalainov
Bill and Char Kimball
Michelle Koepke
Jeff Krausman
Janice Lane
Paul Larson and Deana Voth
Harold McCollum*
Terry and Geri McGonegle
Jamesina and Malcolm McLeod
David and Debra Milligan
Stephen and Catherine Mussett
John and Ann Nesbit
Andrew and Barbara Nish
Robert Noble
Bill Noth
Ruthanne Ott
Nathan and Kathryn Overberg
Joelle Palmer
Mr. and Mrs. John Pappajohn
Thomas Patterson
Meighan and Cy Phillips
Janell and Cory Pittman
David Pommer and Sharon Loring-Pommer
Tim Quick & Mollie Lyon
Dana Quick-Naig & Scott Naig
Martin and Nancy Reed
Gabe Reyna
Pat and Michelle Rounds
Nicole and Josh Russell
David Sagula
Joseph and Laura Samo
Patricia Shipley
Donna Sleeth
Lauren Snyder
Robert F. Stanley*
Ann Steger
Jerry and Gwen Steinmetz
Larry Stelter and Peggy Fisher
Steve and Vicki Sukup
Melissa Tangen
Krischelle Tennessen
Debra Thomas
Terri Vaughan
Harvey and Rita Weinberg
Steven and Sarah Wheeler
Robert White
Rich and Kim Willis
Connie Wimer and Frank Fogarty
Steven and Kathy Zumbach

Dedicated Supporters ($500 – $999)

Scott and Jennifer Anderson
Jill Anonson
Anonymous (3)
Chris Bening
Leila Berg
Linda and Randy Bergstrom
Chris Bice
Monica and Daniel Brouse
Thomas and Joyce Burlingame
Phyllis Buttrey
Joe and LaNae Ceryanec
Brenda Clifton
Michael and Melanie Dayton
David and Nancy Diehl
Michael A. Disbro, M.D.
Betty Durden*
Donovan Edwards
Mary Eipert and Steven Rowland
Matt Elliott
Glen Enlow
James and Allison Fleming
Laure Fredenburg
Victoria Fredenburg
Tracey Gasperi
Peggy Gassberry-Jenkins & Robert Jenkins
Vivian Geerdes
Linda Gibbs & Tim Sharpe
Scott and Alisa Glienke
Karen and Shaun Goldsworth
Darlene Gorton
David and Kathleen Grosland
Mike and Kathy Grossman
Diane Grund
Sharon Haning
Jennifer Hauser
Kathy Herrold
Mandy Howard
Angela M. Joynes
Andy Kearns
Barbara Keck
Derek King
Paul Kline
Dennis Kruger
Mary Lafferty
John and Ellen Lamale
Marie Lane
Roger Lawrence*
David Lemons
Sylvia Lenz
Erika and Lon Lippincott
Debbie Lorenz
Katherine Marchik
James G. Martens
Dana Maudlin-Frey & Jeffrey Frey
Robert McLearen Jr.
Deward and Lois McMillen
Sean McMurray
Cathy Menninga
Anne & David Merschman
Todd and Jennifer Meyer
Melissa Millang
Skip and Diane Miller
Michael Muellerleile & Jennifer Robinson
Jon and Amy Ness
Keith Onley
Alex Orozco
Elena Overton
Patricia and Peter Pashler
Jennifer and Jacob Pavlovec
Thomas Pearson
Jeri Prescott
Catherine Reaman-Gerdes
Rob and Diane Reed
Richard Robertson
Steve and Pam Robins
Pat Rogness
Barbara and Denis Roy
John Ryan
Russell and Jean Samson
Allyson and Eric Sander
Dayle and Paul Sanders
Kristen Saunders
Jennifer Schumann
Ann Smalley
Ann Smisek
Duane Spicer
Richard Steffen
Lori Stevenson
Laura and Mike Sweet
John A. Templer Jr.
Johnny Thomas, Jr.
Kimberly Thuente
Bradley Van De Woestyne & Melissa Madsen
Steven White & Teresa Larson-White
Pamela Wickett
Wallas Wiggins
Max and Linda Wilker
Janet Winslow
James Woolcott
Rob Zeis



CFI’s Giving Circles

Stability, safety, trust, respect, hope and support—families need all of these to be successful. Children & Families of Iowa’s Giving Circles represent the work the organization does helping families build these qualities so they can be successful.

Like the families CFI serves, every one of Children & Families of Iowa’s Giving Circles is an essential part of helping of restoring hope, building futures and changing lives.

Each giving circle represents a level based on the total amount of gifts last fiscal year.