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Nancy's Story

Nancy spent more than a decade addicted to methamphetamine. She lost custody of her two children and spent much of that time homeless. With no support system, tools or accountability, she could only manage short periods of sobriety.

“Last December, I had my third child, a precious baby girl. Even though she depended on me for everything, I relapsed and the Department of Human Services (DHS) removed her from my care. I missed her every single day!

I knew I had to do whatever it took to be a good mom and change my life. I desperately wanted to raise my daughter in a healthy, stable, and drug-free home, so I joined the Recovery Court program where I was able to work with a Children & Families of Iowa’s (CFI) recovery support team.” explains Nancy.

“Recovery is a lifetime process, and I am lucky to be where I am today.”

After completing inpatient drug treatment, Nancy started services through CFI. Her treatment team included staff trained in: outpatient drug treatment, domestic violence advocacy, and mental health therapy. “I felt like I finally had all of the resources I needed to stay clean and sober.

In July, my daughter and I were reunited. Finally I feel like I can be the good mom I have always wanted to be. I have the tools and support I need to live a sober life and that I have resources through CFI, to help if I need them. Now that I am sober, I wake up every day knowing that my daughter will be proud of me.

Recovery is a lifetime process, and I am lucky to be where I am today.”

Thanks to the generous support of donors like you, Nancy will be able to access CFI services as long as it takes to keep her healthy.

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