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Bob and Jody's Story

Bob and Jody work in the restaurant industry and struggle to make their paychecks cover their young family’s needs. When Jody became pregnant with their first child, the couple feared she would have to quit her job and stay home since the cost of quality child care seemed out of reach. Fortunately, the couple was introduced to Children & Families of Iowa’s Child Development Center (CDC) and enrolled little Molly. At the CDC, they found the quality child care they were looking for but did not think they could afford on their limited income. Their family has now grown to four children: Molly now eight, five-year-old Jordan, four-year-old Jack and the newest addition, Sadie, who is just two years old.

After eight years with the CDC, the family continues to praise the quality of care their children receive.

Through the years, CFI has been able to provide additional counseling and coaching for the family. Last year, when Jordan began acting out in his kindergarten class, the school recommended that Jordan could also benefit from attending behavioral health program sessions on an out-patientbasis. Driving to and from appointments during the work day was not possible for Bob and Jody; CFI was able to assist the family with transportation. “We are grateful that CFI was able to go above and beyond by helping with the therapy he needed,” commented Jody.

Without the generous support of the community, these services would not be possible. Bob and Jody would have been stuck making some very tough decisions and Jordan would not have received the therapy he needed. Jordan is not successfully adjusting to first grade and doing well according to his teachers.

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