Honor and Memorial

There are many ways to give to Children & Families of Iowa and support its mission of restoring hope, building futures and changing lives. Some people choose to make gifts in honor or memory of a loved one. These generous donations are terrific ways to show appreciation for the honoree while furthering Children & Families of Iowa’s important cause.

In Honor Of

July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018


In honor of Angel Works
James and Angela Romig

In honor of Cathy Brent
Carl Moses

In honor of Dalton Bullock
Courtney and J.B. Conlin
Discover Chiropractic
and Acupuncture
Linda Fatland
Levi Franzen
Chris Jenkins
Priscilla Sayeed
Theresa and John Schumacher
Julie Statz
Cynthia Stirm
Shawn Terrell
Andrea Tisor
Paul Weeks
In honor of Beth Carlson
Carl Moses

In honor of our son, John Cayley
William Cayley &
Mary Kell Cayley

In honor of Joyce and Rick Chapman
John and Jean Matovina
Sean McMurray
Bruce and Ellen Nelson
Kent and Lou Sandburg
In honor of
Pamela Christoffers
Carl Moses

In honor of Torey Cuellar
Winifred Sumner Robinson
In honor of Abby Erhle
Lisa Ehrle

In honor of Eric Faust
Julie Hanson
In honor of Denis Fett
Doug Fett

In honor of Deborah Gannon
Carl Moses

In honor of Dr. Kevin Gannon
Carl Moses

In honor of Monica, Sean, Everest and Laurelei Goedkin Abramowitz
Patricia Beach Smith

In honor of Ralph Gorton
Darlene Gorton

In honor of our Grandchildren
Bob and Bernice Davidson

In honor of Meheret Grau
Julie and Chris Grau

In honor of Dr. Gloria J. Gray
Dianne Fagner

In honor of Karen Guard
SWRO Product Team

In honor of Carol Hall
Carl Moses

In honor of Frances Hassman
Larry and Dotta Hassman

In honor of Betty Koch
Marlys Potter

In honor of Susan Krider
Lindsay Downing

In honor of John Lyden
Carl Moses

In honor of Jeremy Neswold
Robert and Lynn Neswold

In honor of Toby Parriott
Susan and David Spalding

In honor of Pam Rees
Carl Moses

In honor of Paul Rider
Carl Moses

In honor of Jen Roszak
Dave Roszak

In honor of Gary and Mindy Scholten
Emily Scholten Garrett

In honor of Loretta and Dr. Bob Sieman
Robert and Barbara Burnett

In honor of Evelyn Smith
Sanda Wright

In honor of Tobin Jay Smith
Fred and Fran Smith

In honor of Saralyn Sue
Smith Collingwood
Fred and Fran Smith

In honor of Marie Spieler
Steven and Kimberly Baltes

In honor of the marriage of Lance and Annie Kramer
Cynthia Cottrell Hickman & David Hickman

In honor of Connie Thompson
Debra Garnes

In honor of Todd Thompson
Skip and Diane Miller

In honor of Gracie Wallace
Thomas Press and
Donna Paulsen

In honor of Ross Wastvedt
Carl Moses

In honor of Brent Willett
Steve Ackerson

In honor of Patricia Williams
Carl Moses


In Memory Of

July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018

In memory of Steven Arens
Melissa Tangen

In memory of Randall John Avis
Sheri Avis Horner

In memory of Rachel Barrett
Barbara Barrett
Ann Gerber Sakaguchi

In memory of Sharon Beecher

In memory of Edna Blome
Judith Gustafson
In memory of Anne Boye
Arthur Turner

In memory of Libby Caufield
Ann Sparks

In memory of Betty Cossitt

In memory of David Gleason
Chris Gleason

In memory of Erma Hawkins

In memory of Dennis Patrick Hurley
Michael and Sheila Dalton

In memory of Merle and Helen Kreager
Michael and Priscilla Kreager

In memory of Peter David Lemon
David and Suzanne Lemon

In memory of Betty Litton
Tamara Anderson
Shari Atwood
Sandra Chrapla
Paulette Clemens
Cindi Doornenbal
Susan Lerdal
Patrice Sayre
Joleen Wirth

In memory of Gene and Maxine Martinson

In memory of Dorothy Moline
William and Joan Moline
In memory of Richard Mosqueda
Randy Blair &
Linda Mosqueda Blair

In memory of Herbert Murphy
Pauline Murphy

In memory of Sharon Parriott
Susan and David Spalding

In memory of Sally Paulsen Wallin
Janet Paulsen

In memory of Marilee Petersen King

In memory of Kaitlyn Schabacker
Mary L. Schabacker

In memory of Randall Schabacker
Mary L. Schabacker

In memory of Ralph Schlenker
Dr. Gloria J. Gray

In memory of Kristy Schultz
Marge Ludwig

In memory of Bruce H. Staples
Dr. Lawrence and Marilyn Staples

In memory of Christopher Swift
Bill and Mary Swift

In memory of the selfless woman who gave up her child in 1947. That person truly was a gift to our family.
Helen Robinson

In memory of Calvin Trullinger
Rosemary and John Allen
Yvonne Aversa
Stacie Garmon Leinen & Kyle Leinen
Holly Jimenez
Nikki Kidd
Charlotte O’Hern Perry
Lisa and Wayne Rohauer
Susan Smith
Jessica Van Hemert

In memory of Elizabeth Turner
Arthur Turner

In memory of Jeff Van Ommen
Kathy Ahnen
Dale and Joann Van Ommen

In memory of Caleb Vilmain
Dawn Martino

In memory of Amelia and Robert Webb
Sheldon and Esther Stout

In memory of Finn Winn Bousquet
Trish Fenton

In memory of Jeff Zimpleman
David and Joanne Tigges