Donors to CFI

Children & Families of Iowa is able to help so many at-risk children and families because of the support of generous donors. The charitable contributions CFI receives from individuals, companies and organizations makes all the work the organization does possible. CFI appreciates the support!

Endowment Gifts

The Endowment for Children & Families of Iowa is a managed fund that serves to provide a nest egg to be used should CFI need it to weather difficult times to come. These gifts are carefully managed and allowed to grow.

Corporate Donors and Supporting Organizations

Children & Families of Iowa receives support from companies and organizations who are committed to making the community better. This support comes in the form of grants, allocations and gifts from companies, family foundations, granting organizations and community groups.

Individual Donors

People across Iowa recognize the work CFI does to help their neighbors, co-workers, friends and families. These generous individuals dig deep to help Children & Families of Iowa make a difference.

Non-Monetary Gifts

When individuals, companies and groups want to give a tangible gift to families, they organize drives and clean out their closets. These “in-kind” gifts are an essential part of helping restore hope for families.