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Ladies Golf Tournament

Ladies Invitational golf Tournament

Ladies – join Children & Families of Iowa for a fun afternoon on the course! Funds raised at the Ladies Golf Tournament allow Children & Families of Iowa to continue to improve the lives of at-risk Iowans with a focus on services for domestic abuse survivors.

CFI’s Ladies Invitational Golf Tournament will be held on October 5, 2023 at A.H. Blank Golf Course. More information to come!

Thank you to everyone who participated in CFI’s Ladies Invitational Golf Tournament on October 6, 2022 at A.H. Blank Golf Course! 



2021 Ladies Golf Photos


2020 Ladies Golf Photos

Joyce McSortey, Mary Keck, Gloria Gray, Karly Beavers
Joyce McSortey, Mary Keck, Gloria Gray, Karly Beavers
Janice Jensen, Leanna Hansch, Sanaye Chung, Julie Hall
Stephanie Swanson, Emily Smith
Stephanie Swanson, Emily Smith
Dawn Bauer, Emily Smith, Stephanie Swanson, Tami Billerbeck
Jackie Walker, Wendy Albrecht, Laura Werstein

Laura Branderhast, Donna Vroom, Paula Klyn, Maria Dahny

Betsy Nunn, Teresa Fenton, Patricia Hammond, Joy Briggs

Mary Nelson, Diane Cavanaugh, Jeannie Vaughn, Jane O’Hallearn

Sara Hopkins, Kelly Caldbeck, Amanda Reynal, Katie Patterson

Sarah Melton, Holly Lovell, Kelley Molltor, Ann Smizek
Michelle Kelly, Jessie James, Amanda Wahlert, Micheile Coghlan
Peg Lund, Cathy West, Carol Rinauro, Brenda Plantz
Bobbi Kemble, Ashley Rottinghaus, Amber Weger, Sara Larson

Sabrina Hotic, Andrew Newman, Darcy Beckett


2019 Ladies Golf Photos