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Watch: Integration of Domestic Violence, Mental Health, & Substance Use

Watch a recording of our webinar, Integration of Domestic Violence, Mental Health, & Substance Use.


Domestic violence has a significant impact on the overall maternal health of survivors. The intersection of domestic violence, brain health, and substance use presents unique challenges when serving and supporting survivors. Dr. Sufna John will discuss the overall impact on maternal health and trauma informed approaches necessary to serve this unique population. As an Indian American mother of two biracial children, she also provides insight and knowledge around the importance of providing services through a lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Denise Stadter will provide insight into how substances sometimes serve as a coping skills for survival.


Heighten community awareness about the intersection of domestic violence, brain health and substance use.

·Increase awareness of the impact of domestic violence and overall maternal health, and utilizing a trauma-informed framework.

·Increase awareness of the importance of utilizing a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion lens in order to provide culturally sensitive holistic services.

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