Cornerstone Recovery Mental Health and Addiction Treatment for Teens

Have Questions about A child’s behavior?

“What is up with her grades?”
“Is he stealing money from my wallet?”
“Did I smell alcohol on his breath?”
“Where is she? It’s 2 a.m.!”
“Why doesn’t he care about how he looks?”
“Is this normal teen behavior?”

Children & Families of Iowa can provide answers. Even kids from affluent families can get into trouble with drugs and alcohol. If a teen is using or acting suspiciously, CFI can help find the answers. Any teen can get into trouble with drugs; every teen deserves help.

Children & Families of Iowa achieves success in overcoming substance abuse by involving family in finding solutions that are tailored for each young person. Every level of care incorporates group, individual and family counseling. CFI also provides psychiatric care and medication management as needed. By focusing on positive mental health, Children & Families of Iowa addresses the underlying causes of substance abuse.

Cornerstone Recovery offers three levels of services to help teens ages 12-18 end their substance abuse. As teens show improvement or when they require additional help, they can move up or down the continuum of care without having to move to another program or facility.

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Schedule an appointment today. An experienced, understanding professional will conduct a drug screening and evaluation to help find a solution that will give a teen hope for a bright future.

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