Honor and Memorial

There are many ways to give to Children & Families of Iowa and support its mission of restoring hope, building futures and changing lives. Some people choose to make gifts in honor or memory of a loved one. These generous donations are terrific ways to show appreciation for the honoree while furthering Children & Families of Iowa’s important cause.

In Honor Of

July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017

In honor of Tim and Sue Allyn
Gretchen Bell

In honor of Angel Works
James and Angela Romig

In honor of Frances Arthurs
Heather Arthurs
Stephenie and Richard Cowden
Jennifer Taylor Gardner
Steven Vannoy

In honor of Mike Bandstra
Katherine Marchik

In honor of Cathy Brent
Carl Moses

In honor of Beth Carlson
Carl Moses

In honor of Judy Carney
Ron and Clarice Rubek

In honor of John Cayley
William Cayley & Mary Kell Cayley

In honor of Joyce and Rick Chapman
John and Jean Matovina
Sean McMurray
Kent & Lou Ann Sandburg

In honor of Pamela Christoffers Peterson
Carl Moses

In honor of AnneMarie Derouin
Julianne Derouin

In honor of Eric Faust
Julie Hanson

In honor of Lucy Ganem Stam
Catherine Baurhenn

In honor of Deborah Gannon
Carl Moses

In honor of Monica, Sean, Everest and Laurelei Goedkin‑Abramowitz
Patricia Beach Smith

In honor of Our Grandchildren
Deward and Lois McMillen

In honor of Dr. Gloria J. Gray
Dianne Fagner

In honor of Karen Guard
The SWRO Product Team

In honor of Judge Mary Pat Gunderson
Katherine Marchik

In honor of David Guttenfelder
Gina Martin

In honor of Carol Hall
Carl Moses

In honor of Frances Hassman
Larry and Dotta Hassman

In honor of Betsy Jepsen
Scott and Ruth Meyer
Thomas and Judy Quick

In honor of Linda Kaiser
Nyemaster Law Firm

In honor of Nathaniel Jeffrey King Zimpleman
Mary Schmidt

In honor of Madison Klein
Donna Wenndt

In honor of Betty Koch
Marlys Potter

In honor of Penny Krause
Jeffrey Krause

In honor of John Lyden
Carl Moses

In honor of Johnny Magic
Nicolene Hodgkiss

In honor of Bill Mann
Jeffrey Krause

In honor of Alessandra Meschini
Lon Andersen
Eugenio Coco
Eric Faust
Jim and Cathy Halverson
Ronald Teller and Sharon Hicks
Ryan Wilcox

In honor of Dr. Carl Moses
Carol Hall

In honor of Alison & Sanjin Mrkajic
Jeffrey Faulkner

In honor of Jean O’Shea
William Dawe and Sheila Tipton

In honor of Max Petersen
Patricia Kobe

In honor of Suku and Mary Radia
Diane and James Hedden
Steve and Vicki Sukup
Tim and Toni Urban

In honor of Pam Rees
Carl Moses

In honor of Paul Rider
Carl Moses

In honor of Jen Roszak
Dave Roszak

In honor of Emerson Roth
Gordon and Tami Roth

In honor of Andrea Schaffer
Christina and Jimmy Gammell

In honor of Saralyn Sue Smith‑Collingwood
Fred and Fran Smith

In honor of Richard and Genelle Thompson
Mark Thompson

In honor of Ross Wastvedt
Carl Moses

In honor of Colby Westbrook
Ronnie and Joseph Vitiritto

In honor of Patricia Williams
Carl Moses

In honor of Women’s March 2017
Holly Wist

In honor of Miriam Woods Heuermann
Nadine Woods

In honor of John Reed Woods
Nadine Woods

In Memory Of

July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017

In memory of Paul Acton
Bill Acton
Shirley Acton
Doris Boos
Gary and Verna Conry
Shirley Haas
Jodi Maddy
Mary Lynne Marlay

In memory of Steven Arens
Melissa Tangen

In memory of Randall J. Avis
Sheri Avis Horner
Robert L. Elton

In memory of Coach Chuck Bailey
Andrea and Berneil Colorado

In memory of Rachel Barrett
Barbara Barrett

In memory of Sara Bougie
Chris Bening

In memory of Anne Boye
Arthur Turner

In memory of Marilyn Burdick
Joanne Haakinson

In memory of Libby Caufield
Ann Sparks

In memory of Joy Coe
Kim and Joyce Armstrong
David and Ranae Clough
Dr. Gloria J. Gray
Brian and Susie Keller
Joyce Kuhn
Irene Roberts
Mary Sloan
Paul Sloan
Leonard and Dorothy Smith
Richard and Kathy Stachon
Sharon Strand
Richard and Patricia Wood

In memory of Betty Cossitt

In memory of Doc Cunningham, D.V.M.
Mary Cunningham

In memory of Beverly Drinnin
Lloyd Miller

In memory of Betty Durden
Brian and Tanya Anderson
Anne and Patrick Baumhover
Diane Benoit
Jacquelyn Dewdney
Gloria and Arthur Filean
Dr. Gloria J. Gray
Marian Jacobs
David Jungmann
J. Patch
Thomas Press and Donna Paulsen

In memory of Steven R. Fausch
Leonard and Elaine Nicol

In memory of Wade Franck
Gregary and Georgann Franck

In memory of Joyce Ann Gesiriech
Elizabeth Kegler

In memory of David Gleason
Chris Gleason

In memory of Peggy Goldsmith
Keith Goldsmith

In memory of Katelynn Gould
Kum & Go, LLC
Mark Rehert

In memory of Lucy Green
Ed Green

In memory of Richard L. Groom, Jr.
Ruby Grunig

In memory of Wayne Guttenfelder
Gina Martin

In memory of Erma Hawkins

In memory of Bryce Holland
Gerald and Rosemary Holland

In memory of Dennis Patrick Hurley
Michael and Sheila Dalton

In memory of Nancy Johnson
Robin and Mike Luke

In memory of Winifred Kelley
Dr. Gloria J. Gray

In memory of Merle and Helen Kreager
Michael and Priscilla Kreager

In memory of Ruby Larsen
Cindy Kreklau

In memory of Francis Ludwig
Marge Ludwig

In memory of Gene and Maxine Martinson

In memory of Harold McCollum
Ed and Mary Beltrame
Janet Blazanin
Norma Brown
Peter Curnes
Dr. Dennis Dixon and Julie Fidler Dixon
Myrna Dixon
James Gaines
Mark and Lynne Grossman
Jan Hall
Stephen and Cheryl Hamilton
Janis Hosemann
Roger and Laura Jacobsen
Marie James
Betsy and Carlos Jayne
Marvin and Karen Jepsen
Mary Miller
Diane Myers
Peter Nessler
Eleanor Noel
Phyllis Onnen
Fred Peters
Sheldon and Roselind Rabinowitz
Allen and Marilyn Schornack
Robert and Sandra Smith
Peter Taggart
Malinda Wiesner

In memory of Peggy McCormally
Mary Eipert and Steven Rowland

In memory of Floyd McIntire
Meredith and Glenn Smith

In memory of Dolores Milburn
D. Colleen Haug

In memory of Dorothy Moline
William and Joan Moline

In memory of Marc Moline
William and Joan Moline

In memory of Herbert Murphy
Pauline Murphy

In memory of Howard Paulsen
Janet Paulsen

In memory of Sally Paulsen Wallin
Janet Paulsen

In memory of Phyllis Poppen
Thomas Haaland

In memory of Gus Skovgard
Raymond and Karen Skovgard

In memory of Bruce H. Staples
Dr. Lawrence and Marilyn Staples

In memory of Max Suvalsky
Bob Suvalsky

In memory of Elizabeth Turner
Arthur Turner

In memory of Sarah Turnquist
John and Nancy Peterson

In memory of Jeff Van Ommen
Dale and Joann Van Ommen

In memory of Gaylon & Mildred Vitzthum
Tom and Joy Smull

In memory of James T. Weymiller
Franklin and Jean Weymiller

In memory of Victor Wilson
Diane Wilson

In memory of Jane Witz
Thomas Press and Donna Paulsen

In memory of Diana Wolfskill
Martha Anderson and Robert Brammer

In memory of Jeff Zimpleman
Kristin Gallagher