Honor and Memorial

There are many ways to give to Children & Families of Iowa and support its mission of restoring hope, building futures and changing lives. Some people choose to make gifts in honor or memory of a loved one. These generous donations are terrific ways to show appreciation for the honoree while furthering Children & Families of Iowa’s important cause.

In Honor Of

July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016

In honor of Angel Works
James and Angela Romig

In honor of Margo Blumenthal
Susanne Elson

In honor of Judy and Joe Carney
Ron and Clarice Rubek
In honor of John Cayley
William Cayley and Mary Kell Cayley

In honor of Francie Crupper
Dave and Bettye Crupper

In honor of Eric Faust
Amy Alexander
Lon Andersen
Nancy Bodine
Jeff Coughlin
Grace Donnelly
Adam Good
Christi Good
Homes By Holmes, LLC.
Brenda Kelloway
Elizabeth A. Kotz
Alessandra Meschini
Tony and Connie Polich

In honor of Lois Fingerman
PEO Chapter IE
In honor of Laura Folsom
Patrick J. Dorrian
In honor of Ralph Gorton
Darlene Gorton
In honor of Meheret Grau
Julie and Chris Grau
In honor of Dr. Gloria J. Gray
Dianne Fagner

In honor of Grace Green Dickerson
Elizabeth Youngberg
In honor of Karen Guard
Amanda Johnson
Nationwide (Des Moines)

In honor of Frances Hassman
Larry and Dotta Hassman
In honor of June Hassman
Larry and Dotta Hassman
In honor of Bryce Holland
Gerald and Rosemary Holland

In honor of Sara Jorgensen
Susan Phipps

In honor of Jeremy Karras
Christina Minnick
In honor of Betty Koch
Marlys Potter

In honor of Penny Krause
Jeffrey Krause
In honor of Bill Mann
Jeffrey Krause
In honor of Kayden Merfeld
Marilee Tuite

In honor of Alessandra Meschini
Eric Faust

In honor of Yen Nguyen
Trucy Phan
In honor of
Max and Anna Petersen
Patricia Kobe
In honor of Bob Rafferty
Holly Gettys

In honor of Jen Roszak
Dave Roszak

In honor of Robert R. Russell, II
Beverly Fisher

In honor of Duckus T. Sloan
Ann and Bob Sloan

In honor of Tobin Jay Smith
Fred and Fran Smith

In honor of Saralyn Sue Smith Collingwood
Fred and Fran Smith

In honor of Marie Spieler
Steven and Kimberly Baltes

In honor of Cliff and Sue Swartz
Holly Gettys

In honor of Sam and Sally Wallace
Thomas Press and Donna Paulsen

In honor of Sarah Wendler
Holly Gettys

In honor of Nova Williams
Verda Williams

In honor of Miriam Woods Heuermann
Joe and Nadine Woods

In honor of John Reed Woods
Joe and Nadine Woods

In Memory of Of

July 1, 2015 – June 30 31, 2016

In memory of Steven Arens
Melissa Tangen

In memory of Randall J. Avis
Jim Avis
Frank and Jan Berlin

Steven A. Billings
Donald and Margo Blumenthal
Jan and Robert Carmichael
DeAnna Caughlan
Roger and Kim Ceilley
Robert L. Elton
Denny and Candy Elwell
James and Allison Fleming
Suzie Glazer Burt and Greg Burt
William Goodwin
Bryan Herold
Sheri Horner
Gerald Kirke
Stephen J. Kirke
Carol Knapp
Tom Krekel
Miles Luchtenburg
Robert Madden and Carol Madden
Paul Martin
Mathy Construction Company
Terry and Romy McCormick
CaMille McGee
Michael S. Moen
Nick Bruce LLC
Patty and Jim Cownie Charitable Fund
Ron and Ruth Pearson
Vicki and Leroy Plank
Bob and Deb Pulver
Delwin Quenzer
Jolene K. Radke
Steve Rasmussen and Cindy Rasmussen

Dan and Phyllis Rupprecht
John and Nancy Sarcone
Michael U. Sbrocco
Schmid, Macklin, and Associates, P.C.
John C. Schneller
James and Phyllis Spratt
Raymond M. Stewart
Nancy and Don Taylor, Jr.
Ron Thomason
David and Jackie Van Ahn
West Bank
Adele and John Zieser
In memory of Rachel Barrett
Barbara Barrett

In memory of Dorice Bassewitz
Gary Bishop
Jerry Borowick
Gary Bremen and Linda Bremen
Brad and Amy Brody
Robert Duitch and Andrea Duitch
Josh Engman
Carl and Sally Harris
Ira Levy
Kuperman Michael
Ron Osby and Susie Osby
Michael T. Sherzan
Suzann Simon
Nora Steensen
David Wiggins and arsha Wiggins
Allen and Gail Zagoren

In memory of David Bodermann
Anonymous (9)
In memory of Anne Boye
Arthur Turner
In memory of Carol Breese
David and Joy Barsetti
In memory of Libby Caufield
Ann Sparks
In memory of Muriel Cooper
Franklin and Jean Weymiller

In memory of Angela Crupper
Dave and Bettye Crupper

In memory of Christine Crupper
Dave and Bettye Crupper
In memory of Vicki Current
Stephen and Kay Elliott

In memory of Tallie Jean Dickerson
Rita Lepeska
Mercy Hospice
David Yurdin and Elaine Lundstrom

In memory of Theodore Doffin
Kellie Doffin

In memory of Kewpie Dorweiler
Philip Dorweiler
In memory of Jim Douglas
Jan Douglas

In memory of Edwarda Dunkin
Orville Dunkin

In memory of Florian Fisch
Ronnie and Joseph Vitiritto

In memory of Amber Fraaken
Upper Iowa University Staff
In memory of Amy Fraaken
Upper Iowa University Staff

In memory of Wade Franck
Gregary and Georgann Franck

In memory of Barbara J. George
Carol George

In memory of Joyce Ann Gesiriech
Charles Gesiriech
Elizabeth Kegler

In memory of David Gleason
Chris Gleason
Brian Gorton
Darlene Gorton

In memory of Mike Gowdy
Michael and Marjorie Gowdy

In memory of Lucy Green
Ed Green

In memory of Marlene Grunig
Ruby Grunig

In memory of G. David Hurd
Dr. Gloria J. Gray

In memory of Dennis Patrick Hurley
Michael and Sheila Dalton

In memory of Merle and Helen Kreager
Michael Kreager

In memory of Francis Ludwig
Marge Ludwig

In memory of Anne Maitre
Sarah Maitre

In memory of Gene and Maxine Martinson

In memory of Jacob Mathew
C.J. and Sarah Alexander

In memory of Marc Moline
William and Joan Moline

In memory of Ronald Mosqueda
Randy Blair and Linda Mosqueda Blair

In memory of Sharon Parriott
Susan and David Spalding

In memory of Howard Paulsen
Janet Paulsen

In memory of Sally Paulsen Wallin
Janet Paulsen

In memory of David Pence
Cheryl Pence

In memory of Julia Raymond
David Raymond

In memory of Rowena Taylor
Diane Jensen

In memory of Elizabeth Turner
Arthur Turner

In memory of Jeff Van Ommen
Kathy Ahnen
Dale and Joann Van Ommen

In memory of Caleb Vilmain
Dawn Martino

In memory of G. and M. Vitzthum
Tom and Joy Smull

In memory of James T. Weymiller
Franklin and Jean Weymiller

In memory of Diana Wolfskill
Martha Anderson and Robert Brammer

In memory of Patricia Wright
Jaci Wright

In memory of Jeff Zimpleman
Stephen Berry
Mary Schmidt
Thomas Zimpleman