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Child Care Mental Health Care Consultant

What words are our staff using to describe their experience in working with CFI when they were surveyed and asked to say it in one word.

CARING, Respected, FLEXIBLE, Positive, Fulfilling, INSPIRING, AWESOME, Amazing, CHALLENGING, REwarding, IMPACTFUL and Growth!

Come join our team so that you too may experience what they are saying.

CFI seeks a full time Mental Health Consultant who will be responsible for providing formalized training and recommendations to child care center staff and teachers. The consultant provides ongoing assessment of early identification of developmental needs, trauma and attachment related issues, and behavioral concerns, and makes appropriate referrals for therapy as needed.


  • Provide ongoing classroom observations, consultation as needed for individuals, families and/or groups to resolve issues causing crisis and dysfunction.
  • Perform all necessary record keeping and reporting functions as required in order to adhere to agency and external requirements. Includes, but is not limited to the following: provide classroom recommendations, develop and maintain goal oriented treatment and intervention plans; correspondence with other agencies, programs, clients, collateral contacts, families and staff. Coordinate clinical aspects of assigned program areas to ensure efficient facilitation.
  • Participate in regularly scheduled staff meetings as a team member to review assessments, intervention plans and follow-up on implementation to identify and address new and/or different routes to the delivery of quality care. Participate in Child Development Center staff meetings, United Way meetings, and additional meetings as needed. Prepares and delivers educational presentation to public and other professionals as assigned.
  • Guided by clinical best practices to provide center wide mental health consultation to staff, parents and children. This includes, but is not limited to, working with parents, and teaching staff to plan, implement and monitor interventions for specific children or classrooms. Regularly consult and communicate with administrators, teachers and families regarding program and children. Provide training and workshops for staff and parents throughout the year. Determine the need for and coordinate community resources in order to aid the family in therapy goal attainment.
  • Provide clinical training to staff and teachers at child care center to support the adoption of a trauma-informed philosophy in working with children and families that access services. Additional training should include developmental issues and cultural competency, along with other topics needed as identified through ongoing observation.


  • Masters degree in Social Work, Counseling or closely related human services field; with appropriate experience in family counseling or closely related counseling field that ensures adequate understanding of human dynamics at a professional level. Prefer knowledge and/or experience regarding trauma and attachment, trauma-informed care, and appropriate developmental stages.

Must be licensed or eligible for licensure by the State of Iowa.


If you are interested in this position, please email a cover letter and resume to [email protected]

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