Princess Party


On Saturday, November 5, more than 350 princesses and their chaperones converged on Jordan Creek Town Center to enjoy a morning of princess inspired-activities at Children & Families of Iowa’s 2016 Princess Party.

CFI would like to thank our guests, volunteers and the generous sponsors and supporters who helped make Princess Party a success. Sponsors include: Bella*K Photography, Iowa Community Credit Union, Iowa School of Beauty, Jordan Creek Town Center, Laser Resources, Panera Bread, and PIMSY. It is with their help that the Foundation for Children & Families of Iowa raised over $16,000 during Princess.

“Last year our programs directly served over 19,000 individuals from all across Iowa – over half of whom were children,” says Amy Stapp-Arpy, CFI’s Chief Development Officer/VP of Development and Communications. “With support from sponsors and the community, we have been able to create an event that is not only fun, but also raises money directly to fund programs that serve thousands of struggling families throughout Iowa. Contributions raised at CFI’s Princess Party provide the programs with support needed to help clients become self-sufficient.”

CFI holds children like Michelle* at the heart of its mission. To four-year old Michelle, life was a place full of fascinating distractions. Michelle had problems concentrating and easily lost focus when in group settings. Looking for structure and support, her mother decided to enroll her in Children & Families of Iowa’s (CFI) Therapeutic Child Care program.

The small classroom setting and excellent student-teacher ratio at the program greatly improved Michelle’s focus, as well as her performance in groups. This helped her prepare for a typical school setting. “It’s very special when you are able to send your child to a daycare setting and have people there who truly care, and we have found that at CFI,” her mother says. “Focus was on my little princess and the different ways she could better herself.” Michelle is now almost seven years old. She no longer struggles with concentration, and graduated from the Therapeutic Child Care program last year.

* Name has been changed to protect client confidentiality.